"We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. 
It's that women are strong."
-Laura Stavoe Harm


We are a partnership of Nationally Certified childbirth educators offering childbirth preparation classes to expectant families in the Tallahassee area.

Our classes are intended to fully prepare parents-to-be for the entire birth experience. Classes are conveniently located in the lobby of North Florida Women's Care and are offered on various nights through the week (M-TH). We also offer a 2-day weekend course(SUPER Class) for parents who are unable to take the regular 4-5 week classes. Childbirth classes are an important part of preparing for baby.

Our classes will provide parents with some very important tools to help make the labor process more manageable for all. Included in our classes are topics such as: what happens during normal birth, comfort measures for birth, labor support, movement and position in labor, communication with medical staff, possible medical interventions, pain medication options and preferences, unexpected outcomes, cesarean birth, breastfeeding, bonding with baby, & immediate postpartum period. Classes also include a hospital tour that is more than a tour- its a full class that explain all about the hospital equipment and environment.

At CEAT, we are staffed with the most innovative, up-to-date, most well-respected educators in the field. Our educators have credentials, experience, and training that truly sets them apart! Collectively, our staff includes a lactation consultant and RN, a current labor and delivery nurse, as well as a certified labor doula and doula trainer. We pride ourselves with keeping our certifications current and work hard to be the premier childbirth education organization in the area.  To find out more about our educators, click on the educators page!

The cost for our prepared childbirth class series is $113. It is our goal at CEAT to help introduce parents to the normal process of labor and birth and to the many choices in childbirth that they have available. It is our wish that moms and dads leave our classes with a better understanding of the birth process, more confidence in their own ability as a woman and mother and partner, and a better understanding of some of the options that they have available for their birth experiences.

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